James Thompson

AI based Energy Management Solutions

James Thompson
Electrical Engineer
Partner & Advisor to I-EMS Group Ltd

James has 30 years of experiences in Energy Management; he is a partner and advisor at I-EMS Group Ltd; Mr. Thompson has over three decades of experience in building, managing, and controlling energy trade floors, utility-scale operations, and control systems to enhance renewable and traditional power for global organizations.
Mr. Thompson also possesses deep experience in research, development and implementation of power industry practices and processes including trading, production and integration and delivery of renewable resources. Additional areas of expertise include electricity transmission path attainment and management and Balancing Authority certifications and operations as well as microgrid development, implementation, and operations.
Developing and managing these ever evolving systems effectively requires specialized knowledge in regulation, implementation and Energy Management Systems services for load, generation and transmission, as well as how to manage a large cross-section of Microgrid and Demand Response programs primarily rooted in CAISO, PJM, NYISO, NPCC, and ERCOT.